Giving Ourselves a Moment Each Day to Align

woman holding a cup of cacao

Giving Ourselves a Moment Each Day to Align


A daily ritual practice with intention can transform a mundane routine into a sacred experience. Many ancient traditions have used Cacao ritualistically for thousands of years. Ceremonial Cacao, the purest form of chocolate, connects you to the energy of love, gratitude, celebration, and bliss. 


Drinking ceremonial Cacao in the mornings can increase energy levels without the crash or jitters that come from drinking coffee or energy drinks. Theobroma (Cacao) contains high levels of magnesium which can assist in relaxing the nervous system and muscles. Its subtle, heart-opening effect allows you to see life through a softer lens and respond in a more patient, loving way to the daily encounters. 


It can often feel almost impossible in the modern lifestyle to make time for practices of self care or moments to reset and direct our energy. For the average mother, setting time aside for personal rituals can feel selfish and unrealistic. It is important to understand, however, that when we make the small changes of incorporating these times as part of our routine, we can be much more effective for the rest of the daily tasks. We can have more energy, be most productive, and overall a better parent to our child.


 Here are a few practices you can combine with drinking a cup of Ceremonial Cacao to create your ritual in a simple, quick, but also meaningful way:


Focus on your breath

two women in meditation in nature

Bring your awareness to the breath and let this be your compass. Reflect on how you are arriving at this present moment. Invite in the same curiosity you would have if you were unwrapping a gift.


Practice moments of gratitude 

Connect with the essence of gratitude by listing 1-3 things you are grateful. This may shift your focus from a limiting mindset to one of appreciation and endless possibility. You may write them down, say them to yourself, or share them with your kids. This can be a fun game for your children to begin incorporating in their own lives.


Start Your Day With Purpose

Imagine how you would like the rest of your day to unfold. Regularly setting intentions for your day allows you to begin to direct your life experience. Give yourself permission to dream. 


Celebrate Often

Sing a song that connects you to the joyfulness of life. The thoughts and emotions you have when creating become part of your creations. Our ancestors understood that singing songs while cooking their favorite dishes is the secret ingredient that made them so tasty! 


Exercise Daily

two women doing yoga in nature

Walking in nature makes the perfect combination to connect with your ritual. Seeing and feeling the elements can help bring harmony to the day. Just like dog owners make time in their day to walk their dog, taking ourselves for a walk can shift the whole day. Even if we don’t have a lot of time to take ourselves for a walk, 10-20 minutes can shift our energy, our thought pattern, and gives us a moment to reset. You can bring your cup of Cacao to drink while you do a walking meditation. A class of yoga can also be the perfect offering to yourself after a cup of Cacao. Even a 15-20 minute flow can be a great start.

Cacao is also a good option after a strong workout, compounds in Cacao such as magnesium (aids in relaxation and digestion), tryptophan (a precursor to serotonin), antioxidants (anti-inflammatory and immune boosting), to name a few, help the body restore.


Make Time for What Makes You Feel Alive


girl painting and drinking cacao

Giving ourselves permission for painting, gardening, singing, dancing, sawing, ceramics can be so rewarding. Sometimes when we have spent much time on our passions in the past, we feel that if we don’t cut out a large period of time to work on our passions it is not worth our time. It is actually quite the opposite. Consistency is key, so if we can even give 10-15 minutes a day to our favorite art expression, we will naturally find more time to dive into these forms of art. Start where you are.


We invite you to make a nourishing cup of Ceremonial Cacao and explore your inner landscape. Creating a mindfulness practice is the best gift you can give yourself and your family.

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