A Cacao Practice to Activate Your Creativity

A Cacao Practice to Activate Your Creativity

Cacao can become a really powerful tool and partner to deepen our connection with our creative expression. In a world that has become so driven by the mind, plants like Cacao can offer us many physical benefits and experiences to optimize our creative expression. For many of us our passions and creative outlets begin to be put aside when we have to prioritize other things in life, forgetting how important for our overall wellbeing this part of our life is. By using the time we connect with Cacao as a vehicle for reconnecting or getting to know our creative outlets for the first time, we can get to know ourselves in a whole new way.

It's important to understand, especially at the beginning, how we relate to our creativity. If we can let go of perfectionism and high expectations of the outcome, the process alone can be such a precious reward in our lives. 

Where to Begin

A simple way to begin incorporating Cacao into our daily lives is by adding it into our meditation practice before we connect with whatever art form we choose. If you don’t already have a meditation practice, Cacao can be a beautiful way to inspire this practice. Drinking a cup of ceremonial Cacao of about 28-33g before meditating has the potential to help you settle into the practice deeper.

What To Incorporate

While working with Cacao, it is a beautiful opportunity to dive into journaling, playing music or learning a new instrument, beginning to use your voice as a creative expression, or even finding creative ways to move your body (through dance or yoga). Especially at the beginning of this reconnection with creativity and art, doing some physical movement or breathing can help diminish any limiting beliefs and roadblocks.


girl writing in journal

Another great pairing for Cacao is journaling. Taking time to reflect on your day while writing out your thoughts and feelings allows you to make more space for new sensations to arrive. Journaling can be a way to acknowledge and release patterns or programming that may no longer serve you and make space for more beauty to come. 

A practice that was shared with me by a teacher in high school always stayed with me and has helped me carry journaling as a fun practice ever since. Choosing a theme for the writing of the day, especially choosing something of what the world would see as mundane, and through the writing express as if you were the subject themselves expressing their words on paper. 


girl painting

My relationship with painting has evolved ever since my dear friend Caro Arevalo came into my life. I had a strong blockage around the idea of painting or drawing as I never felt it was "my thing". Since the results of my paintings or drawings felt up to what I would consider art, I could never sit down and start. Caro reminded me, however, that painting and drawing are something so special and intimate. Once we allow the art guide us instead of trying to control that outcome, what can flow through the paper is truly unique. The journey is also such a reset for our mental and emotional clarity.

The Most Important Step

The most important step is to begin, to make a commitment with ourselves of setting some time daily or weekly to prioritize our creativity and self expression. I find that by beginning with a cup of Cacao, we have an incredible amount of physical benefits as well as setting the mood for us to drop into the heart. Having someone to share our art can also make this commitment stronger. Let your inner artist come out and play!

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