The Cacao Lab Journal

Florencia Fridman
a cup of cacao, palo santo, and a copal incense stick

How to Prepare for a Cacao Ceremony: Ceremony Series, Part I

Ceremony and ritual have been a part of every culture since the beginning of time. There are many types of ceremonies and rituals, and they all carry a process of preparation, experience, and integration, whether we realize it or not. In order for us to fully access the potential of connection and expansion that Cacao offers us, there are certain steps we can take to receive all the benefits on a physical and energetic level.  According to Andrew Huberman, an American neuroscientist, the preparation process for a good quality sleep begins with the amount of light we receive first thing...

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Jason Proffitt
Pink Flamingo Floaty

The Lab Report, Part IV: Cacao and Summer Skin Health

Learn how Cacao help you stay sun-savvy this summer season

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Brittany Anderson
Colorful tree with roots painting

Asking the Right Questions: Addressing Market Access and Saviorism

How can we do good while empowering communities to meet their own long-term goals? Brittany Anderson explores.

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eric fridman
On Finding Purpose: the Cacao Laboratory Story

On Finding Purpose: the Cacao Laboratory Story

Very few people inherently know their purpose, and many will spend their entire lives searching for one. It is one of the most fundamental quests of life, but I believe the search is often over-thought. I had spent some time in my younger years struggling to the reconcile my principles with my purpose: I knew that I was driven by a desire to lift others up and seek justice, but I wasn’t sure how to best do that within the framework of my professional life. It was only when I started to have a bit of fun, keep my eyes...

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